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Wanna tuk with us? Yes you do! Enjoy our amazing authentic home-style Thai cooking by the best Thai food truck there is, Phat Thai food truck.


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Food Truck Bite of the Week: Pad Thai at Phat Thai.

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Next Generation of Chefs Suits Up

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Phat Thai Rolls Out

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Nancy Pelosi Food Truck Tour: Our Congresswoman Goes Off The Grid.

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World's 50 most delicious foods

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If You're Not Hungry, Don't Tuk With the Phat Thai Truck

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Phat Thai is the brainchild of 2 brothers from San Francisco who were spoiled by their mom’s delicious cooking.  A private chef by day, Wannee Hossain has brought the true flavors of Thailand to friends and family for over 30 years.  Armed with a background in hospitality and having once owned their own Thai restaurant, the Hossain family is fully equipped to rock the food truck world!  Bobby and Alom Hossain hope to continue their mother’s legacy, presenting her incredible Thai staples with a modern twist.

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